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                                      Directions to Winston Salem Violins


From I-40 take a left onto Peters Creek Pkwy then a right onto Shady Blvd.

Coming from Business 40, East of  US 52, take the Main Street Exit

and make a right onto Main Street then a quick left onto 1st Street.

Shady Blvd is on the right at the bottom of the hill.

Coming from Business 40, west of Business 52,

take the Peters Creek exit and go right on Peters Creek Pkwy.

Shady Blvd is one street past Spring Street on the right.


The number 116 is located on the banister

and the letters


are on the front door.




                   Tributes to my two masters:

                 Jacques Francais & Rene Morel              


             Currently Available Instruments of Note

              Joseph Heymann Amsterdam - 1825 Concert Violin Pending!

              Bogi Kieta - NYC 1992 (cello) 

              Joseph Guadagnini  Como - 1782 (violin) Sold!

              Bela Szepessy  London -     1899  (viola)

              Carlos Herman Roberts- Cremona 1999 (violin)

              Lapo Casini Florence- 1960 Sold!

              Jay Haide Maggini 15 7/8" - 2017 (viola) Sold!

              Carlos Herman Roberts- Cremona 1999 (violin)

              Heinrich Th. Heberlein Jr. 1910 (violin) Sold!

              Jay Haide 'les ancienne'- 2019 (3-violins)

              Nicolas Duchene- ca. 1920 (violin) Sold!

              Ch. J.B. Collin-Mezin 1887 (violin) Sold!

              Lapo Casini Florence- 1960 Sold!







              W.E. H&S Silver/Ebony (violin bow)

              W.E. Hill & Sons Silver/Ebony (violin bow- mint!)

              Hill violin bow Silver/Ebony branded W.E. H&S

              Bernard Ouchard Gold/Ebony (violin bow)

              Gotthard Schuster Silver/Ebony (violin/viola bow-mint!)

              Albert Nurnberger Silver/Ebony (violin bow) Sold!

              Collin-Mezin Mirecourt - ca. 1915 (violin bow)

              Garner Wilson- Gold/Tortoiseshell (violin bow) Sold!

              Eugene Sartory- Tourte copy (violin bow) Sold!

              Arcos Brasil & Horst John Bows


              Klaus Ludwig Clement Stuttgart- 2012 (cello)

              Ivan Dunov VC 401- 2018  (cello) Sold!

              Eastman Model 305 Stradivari - 2006 (sold) Sold!

              John Pierre Lupot Stradivari - 2017 (cello) Sold!

              Pietro Lombardy - 2019 (cello)








                   Shop hours are by appointment: M-F 9-5       

                        336-723-6564 /

                     116 Shady Blvd / Winston Salem, NC



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