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A Virtual Family Office experience for all your clients at any level of wealth

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Elevate Your Practice Overnight with Strad Pro

Give clients a virtual family office experience that will let you stand apart from all your competition

The Challenge:

You want to elevate your practice and lead your client's financial team with seamless coordination and productivity.

As a financial professional, your goal is to be the trusted quarterback of your client's financial team. Strad empowers you to elevate your practice by streamlining coordination among experts, so you're not just offering traditional services. Our productivity tools and client portal make you indispensable, allowing you to provide comprehensive support while standing out in a competitive landscape.

The Solution:

Introducing Strad Pro: Your Instant Virtual Family Office

Strad Pro empowers you to become the conductor, instantly transforming your practice into a Virtual Family Office (VFO). Gain full visibility into your clients’ entire financial and family life – from assets and liabilities to investments and estate planning, all in one place.

Visualize your client’s wealth in one glance!

Collaborate, share, and enrich your clients’ lives. Strad connects you with your client’s entire financial team and enables you to offer the services of a traditional family office to help manage all of life’s intricacies

Strad provides the most in - depth understanding of wealth, while connecting a family’s existing professional advisors, allowing collaboration, greater insight, and uniquely personalized advice delivered by you.

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Tabs for every corner of wealth

Discover more about your clients circumstances across accounts under management, non-financial assets and business entities

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Workflows for Team Collaboration

Assign tasks and build workflows for efficient practice management of your team and outside professionals

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Reporting Across Asset Classes

Gather and create reports based on client data across all categories of wealth

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Collaboration Between Professionals

Establish yourself as the Family CFO for your clients and communicate openly with their other trusted professionals to make calculated decisions in the clients favor

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Rainmaker App

In app marketing capabilities for prospecting and managing referrals

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Client Facing Portal

Provide clients with a Virtual Family Office portal that they have full access to and can customize themselves

Streamline Collaboration:

Break down silos and facilitate seamless teamwork among all financial professionals on your clients' teams.

Precision in Financial Delegation

Users delegate roles to family and professionals, defining tasks with precision for clear and efficient financial management.

Why Strad Pro?

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Democratize the VFO:

Bring the elite family office experience to a broader audience, differentiating your practice and ensuring all your clients receive the support they deserve.

Empower Your Clients:

Equip your clients with comprehensive guidance and support, making their financial journeys stress-free.

Ready for the future?

Experience the Latest Evolution of Financial Management with Strad Pro

Unlock the potential of virtual family office services and transform your financial practice overnight. Join us in revolutionizing wealth management for clients of all backgrounds and complexities.

Strad helps you differentiate by demonstrating your commitment into your client’s entire family

For many families, financial success complicates life as much as it enriches it, consuming time and creating constant stress. Involving skilled professionals can help, but they often concentrate on individual specialties. Long-term success is fully realized only when wealth is orchestrated to focus on the needs of the family

Ready to Explore Strad on your own?

Data, Protected.

Protecting you and your clients personal data is our highest priority, which is why we've taken the steps to ensure our level of security is the highest it can be. We have successfully completed a SOC 2 Audit to further our commitment to securing your data.

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Seamless Integration in Minutes

Strad Pro offers a user-friendly interface that enables you to set up a Virtual Family Office solution for your client in a matter of minutes. No more complicated processes or long waiting times.

Step 1

Click the button below. Create your account and start your FREE trial. Invite teammates to help connect and integrate Strad into your practice.

Step 2

Import your firm data to create client files and begin making Family Offices for every household within your practice.

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Step 3

Start delivering next level service to your clients through dozens of firm management tools and categories that allow you to see a clients wealth all in one place.

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A Virtual Family Office for the mass affluent

Watch how Strad Pro can transform your practice and unlock potential for your clients.


Transform your practice into a Virtual Family Office

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