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Unlocking Growth: How Financial Advisors Can Expand Their Practice and Boost AUM with Strad

In the competitive world of financial advising, success often relies on growth, with 'more clients, more AUM' as the guiding principle. Strad offers a solution, empowering advisors to handle the increased demand of a growing practice with ease.

In the competitive landscape of financial advising, the mantra “more clients, more AUM (Assets Under Management)” rings true. As advisors strive to grow their practices and increase the amount of money they manage, they often face challenges in juggling the expanded workload and providing standout service to each individual client in an already crowded market. Fortunately, innovative solutions like Strad offer a pathway to success by empowering advisors to handle increased demand without compromising the individualized high level of service, while positioning themselves as the superior choice for clients.

Expanding one’s client base is a key goal for any financial advisor looking to grow their practice. More clients mean more opportunities to demonstrate expertise, provide value, and ultimately, increase AUM. However, with growth comes the challenge of managing a larger workload efficiently and effectively.

Enter Strad, a cutting-edge virtual family office solution designed to streamline operations and enhance client service for financial advisors. With its comprehensive suite of features, Strad empowers advisors to handle the demands of a growing practice with ease.

One of the primary benefits of Strad is its ability to centralize and organize client information, allowing advisors to gain full visibility into their clients’ financial lives. From assets and liabilities to investments and estate planning, Strad provides a holistic view of each client’s financial situation, enabling advisors to make informed decisions and provide personalized recommendations.

In addition to its robust client management capabilities, Strad offers powerful tools for collaboration and communication. Advisors can easily collaborate with other financial professionals, such as accountants, attorneys, and insurance agents, to deliver comprehensive support to their clients. By breaking down silos and facilitating seamless teamwork, Strad ensures that all members of the client’s financial team are on the same page, leading to better outcomes for clients and advisors alike.

Furthermore, Strad helps advisors differentiate themselves in a crowded market by offering an elite family office experience to a broader audience. By democratizing the virtual family office model, Strad enables advisors to provide high-touch, personalized service typically associated with ultra-high-net-worth clients. This not only enhances the client experience but also positions advisors as the preferred choice for clients seeking comprehensive financial guidance.

In conclusion, for financial advisors looking to expand their practice and boost assets under management, Strad offers a powerful solution. With its advanced features for client management, collaboration, and differentiation, Strad empowers advisors to handle the demands of a growing practice while positioning themselves as the superior option in the marketplace. By leveraging Strad, advisors can unlock growth opportunities and achieve new levels of success in their practice.

Ready to take your practice to the next level? Discover how Strad can help you expand your client base, increase assets under management, and differentiate yourself in the market. Schedule a demo today and experience the future of financial advising with Strad.

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Over his career, Founder and CEO, Russell Dow, witnessed a variety of outcomes from different approaches to wealth management, with the greatest benefits realized by those served by coordinated teams of advisors such as provided by Family Offices. But establishing a traditional family office has been far beyond the means of all but the wealthiest of families. And so, Strad Pro was created.

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