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Embrace the Future: Strad Pro’s Virtual Family Office Solution for CPAs and Estate Planning Attorneys

By breaking down silos, building networks, streamlining workflows, and offering comprehensive services, professionals can establish invaluable relationships with both their current clients and the next generation.

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, CPAs and estate planning attorneys face a dual challenge: delivering exceptional services to their current clients while also preparing for the imminent transfer of wealth to the next generation. The key to successfully navigating this transition lies in adopting cutting-edge technology while building relationships with outside financial professionals, as well as the next generation of clients. That’s where Strad Pro, a leading virtual family office solution, comes into play.

Breaking Down Silos and Building Networks:

Strad Pro is more than a software solution —it acts as a virtual family office platform that fosters collaboration and connectivity. For CPAs and estate planning attorneys, this means an opportunity to establish valuable relationships with the next generation of clients—children of their current clients—who are poised to inherit substantial wealth in the coming decade.

Enhanced Collaboration:

Strad Pro’s collaborative features empower CPAs and estate planning attorneys to connect and collaborate with a network of a client’s other professionals, including financial advisors, investment managers, and insurance specialists who work with your clients. By leveraging the collective expertise of this network, you can deliver holistic and comprehensive solutions that address the diverse needs of your clients. Whether it’s tax planning, estate planning, or wealth management, Strad Pro enables you to tap into a wide range of knowledge and resources to provide the best possible outcomes for your clients. 

Streamlined Workflows:

Strad Pro streamlines workflows, optimizing practice management for CPAs and estate planning attorneys. By centralizing tasks, automating workflows, and facilitating secure communication within the platform, professionals can efficiently manage client affairs and provide seamless service to both current clients and the next generation. This efficient and collaborative approach sets the foundation for developing strong relationships while demonstrating to your next client your unique way of servicing their needs when life events come up.

Virtual Family Office Services:

With Strad Pro as a virtual family office platform, CPAs and estate planning attorneys can offer an array of services that cater to the comprehensive needs of their clients, including the next generation. From investment management to financial planning, risk assessment to reporting, the Strad Pro platform equips professionals with the tools necessary to address the evolving financial landscapes of both existing and future clients. This ability to offer holistic and personalized solutions establishes your practice as a go-to resource for the entire family, securing a lasting connection with the next generation. Adopting a virtual family office software solution can drive considerable benefits for financial professionals, helping them better serve their clients and grow their business value. Virtual family offices have been gaining traction, with a projected 27% increase by 2025.

Practice Growth and Differentiation:

Strad Pro not only helps you differentiate and provide better services but also positions you as a trusted advisor and enables practice growth. By offering virtual family office services, you move from a transaction-based relationship to an ongoing service-level relationship that deepens client relationships, enhances client retention, attracts new clients seeking comprehensive financial solutions, and grows revenue. Strad Pro’s robust development roadmap ensures that you stay ahead of the curve, continuously expanding your capabilities and staying relevant in a rapidly evolving industry.


Strad Pro’s virtual family office solution empowers CPAs and estate planning attorneys to grow their businesses, deliver better service, and differentiate their practice in a changing financial landscape with confidence and foresight. By breaking down silos, building networks, streamlining workflows, and offering comprehensive services, professionals can establish invaluable relationships with both their current clients and the next generation.

Start your journey with Strad Pro today and unlock the full potential of your practice by building relationships that transcend generations!

About Strad

Over his career, Founder and CEO, Russell Dow, witnessed a variety of outcomes from different approaches to wealth management, with the greatest benefits realized by those served by coordinated teams of advisors such as provided by Family Offices. But establishing a traditional family office has been far beyond the means of all but the wealthiest of families. And so, Strad Pro was created.

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