Winston Salem Rare Bow Collection




Garner Wilson - gold/ebony

Louis Begin- silver/ebony- Sold!

F.N. Voiron- Mirecourt ca. 1930, silver/ebony

Collin Mezin- Mirecourt ca. 1915 silver/ebony!ca

Hill Violin Bow - excellent stick- Sold!

Louis Morizot pere- Sold!

Eugene A. Sartory- silver/ebony- Sold!

Arcos Brasil- silver/ebony & gold/ebony- many to choose from



Rudi Neudorfer - silver in ebony

Arcos Brasil- silver/ebony- many to choose from

Richard Grunke- Silver mounted in Ebony- Sold!

Emile Dupree- Silver mounted in Ebony / branded F.N.Voiron- Sold!

Emile A. Ouchard Paris- SOLD!



Arcos Brasil- silver/ebony- many to choose from

Yung Chin- Silver mounted in Ebony- mint condition! Sold!

Jean Grunberger- Gold mounted in Ebony- Sold!

J.J.Millant- Call for Price- SOLD!



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 We also offer fine bows from the firms of Arcos Brasil, Daniel Delcourt and Eastman Strings


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